Behavioral Support


Individual and/or group counseling, behavioral interventions, diagnostic evaluations or consultations related to the individual’s developmental disability and necessary for the individual to acquire or maintain appropriate interactions with others. Intervention modalities must relate to an identified challenging behavioral need of the individual. Specific criteria for remediation of the behavior shall be established. The provider(s) shall be identified in the Service Plan and shall have the minimum qualification level necessary to achieve the specific criteria for remediation. Behavioral Supports includes a complete assessment of the challenging behavior(s), development of a structured behavioral modification plan, implementation of the plan, ongoing training and supervision of caregivers and behavioral aides, and periodic reassessment of the plan.

Provider Qualifications All providers of Behavioral Supports services must comply with the standards set forth in this manual. In addition, Behavioral Supports providers shall complete State/Federal Criminal Background checks, Central Registry checks for all staff, drug tests as applicable under Stephen Komninos’ Law, and ensure that all staff successfully completes the training described in Section In addition, staff conducting assessments, developing behavior support plans, and evaluating their effectiveness must: 

· Have demonstrated experience in positive behavior support and/or applied behavior analysis -AND- · 1 year working with people with developmental disabilities -AND- 

· Meet the criteria of at least one of the following: 1 year of supervised experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities involving behavioral assessment and the development of behavior support plans: 

· Master’s degree and the completion of requisite coursework from a BACB approved course sequence program -OR- 

· Clinician holding NADD Clinical certification -OR- 

· Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in applied behavioral analysis, psychology, special education, social work, public health counseling, or a similar degree AND under the supervision of a BCBA-D or BCBA. In addition, staff responsible for monitoring the implementation of the behavior support plan and training/supervising caregivers must have demonstrated experience in positive behavior support and/or applied behavior analysis and 1 year working with people with developmental disabilities and meet the following criteria or be under the supervision of someone that does

Behavioral Support Specialist_Job Application (pdf)