Cognitive Rehabilitative Service Specialist


A systematic, functionally-oriented service of therapeutic cognitive activities, based on an assessment and understanding of the person’s brain behavior deficits. Services are directed to achieve functional changes: by (1) reinforcing, strengthening or re-establishing previously learned patterns of behavior, or (2) establishing new patterns of cognitive activity or compensatory mechanisms for impaired neurological systems. Therapeutic interventions include but are not limited to direct retraining, use of compensatory strategies, use of cognitive orthotics and prostheses. Activity type and frequency are determined by assessment of the participant, the development of a treatment plan based on recognized deficits, and periodic reassessments. Cognitive therapy can be provided in the individual’s home or community settings.

Provider Qualifications. All providers of Cognitive Rehabilitation services must comply with the standards set forth in this manual. In addition, Cognitive Rehabilitation providers shall complete State/Federal Criminal Background checks and Central Registry checks for all staff, drug tests as applicable under Stephen Komninos’ Law, and ensure that all staff successfully completes the Division mandated training. In addition, staff providing Cognitive Rehabilitation services must meet the following: 

· Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) through the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) – AND – 

· Complete 6 hours of relevant ongoing training on Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy or brain injury rehabilitation - AND – 

at least one of the following: 

· Master’s degree in an allied health field from an accredited institution where the degree is a prerequisite for licensure or certification 

· Bachelor’s degree in an *allied rehabilitation field from an accredited institution where the degree is sufficient for licensure, certification or registration 

· Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in an

o  *Allied rehabilitation field from an accredited institution where the degree is sufficient for licensure, certification, or registration or when such is not available must be supervised by a qualified professional 

o *Applicable allied rehabilitation degree programs include: counseling, education, medicine, neuropsychology, OT, PT, psychology, recreation therapy, social work, special education and speech-language pathology.

Cognitive Rehabilitative Service Specialist_Job Application (pdf)